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Privacy Policy

Ownership of the information

All content displayed on the web address belongs to ROVITEX HUNGÁRIA Kft. All the information found on this address can be read, saved, stored on a personal computer or printed out for later use or interpretation. However, further exploitation or changing the above mentioned information, or displaying the information without permission from the assignee is strictly prohibited. ROVITEX HUNGÁRIA Kft. maintains all the rights regarding the material displayed on the website as the beneficiary of exploitation rights, and is ready to enforce these rights in court if necessary.


Privacy rights and safety of data

Throughout its activity, the webpage protects the personal rights of its visitors and partners in compliance with the Civil Code and the regulations written in the law article 1992/LXIII. The e-mail address given at registration are kept secret, except in cases when the user puts forward a request that his/her e-mail address would be public, in which case it is treated accordingly. In such case, ROVITEX HUNGÁRIA Kft. does not take responsibility related to the misuse of those e-mail addresses. ROVITEX HUNGÁRIA Kft. maintains the right to send newsletters about its own and its partners’  provided services to the addresses given at registration. We make statistics of the visits of for further development of the site. The firm ROVITEX HUNGÁRIA Kft. declares that it does not in any way abuse the data in its possession.


Internet references
It is strictly prohibited to run any page of as frame applications or as part of other web pages. ROVITEX HUNGÁRIA Kft. and web admins working for the company dissociate themselves from cases when links to are placed to webpages that bear contents different from their purpose and/or are not in compliance with the law.